Hydro Systems irrigation and horticulture injectors assure beautiful blooms, healthy crops, plants, woody ornamentals, turf and trees by consistent and accurate dosing – each and every time. Hydro’s patented mixing chamber and proportional injection technology means less waste, plus a better mix for fertilizers, pesticides and other water-soluble products.

From boom irrigation fertigation to floral misting—and every application in between, Hydro’s versatile nonelectric injectors offer the widest range of flow and injection rates and sizes to accommodate your needs. It’s no wonder more professional horticulturists turn to Hydro.

You can always count on change—whether it’s a shift in the weather, location or injection requirement. That’s why we developed our premier Mobile Cart Injection System. Order with our injectors for maximum flexibility along with the utmost accuracy and durability. Applications include:

•  Fertigation    •  Weed Control    •  Field Crops    •  Boom Irrigation    •  Misting Systems    •  Flower Preservation    •  Sanitation    •  Hydroponics    •  Drip Irrigation    •  Sprinklers    •  Turf Care    •  Bedding Plants    •  Raised Beds    •  Ebb & Flow Benches                         •  Container Crops    •  Tree Farms    •  Hose & Wand    •  pH control    •  Pest & Insect Control