High flow chemical proportioner – ideal for large totes & drums pre-dilution
HydroMaster drum or wall-mounted proportioners mix liquid cleaning and sanitizing concentrates with water automatically, before dispensing the diluted solution into a range containers.
Any size container of concentrate can be used with the HydroMaster because pouring the contents does not require the user to tip the container. Concentrated product exposure is limited only to those times when the HydroMaster is being moved from one concentrate container to another.
The HydroMaster’s automatic dilution feature is extremely precise, so the concentrated cleaning product is consistent and delivers maximum performance.
The HydroMaster uses water power, not electricity, so concentrates do not have to be located near outlets – just within the hose’s reach of a water source.
Ideal for large tanks and high volumes of ready to use product concentrate, HydroMaster is often used in 1:1 concentrations for cutting fluids and as a prediluter in car wash applications like screen wash, among other uses.
Features & Benefits
  • High quality & chemical resistant materials
  • Maximises employee productivity
  • Non-electric
  • Enhanced safety
  • Compact & easy to store
  • Ideal for strong concentrations with up to 1:1 dilution ratio