Power cleaning foam system with long contact time and long distance throw for soiled surfaces and hard-to-reach areas
FoamMaster foam power cleaning systems dilute concentrated cleaning products with water automatically. Through the use of compressed air, they are able to generate a thick, rich, clinging dry foam for numerous industrial and commercial cleaning applications.
Foam cleaning is efficient, effective and unrivalled in its convenience. It allows the cleaning solution to remain in contact with the soil load for an extended time period, and allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas not always accessible by standard cleaning methods. The additional benefit of foam cleaning is that it avoids the damage done to walls and equipment by high pressure equipment – perfect for more delicate cleaning operations.
FoamMasters are now available in both one and two product models.
Features & Benefits
  • Use with aggressive cleaners thanks to chemical resistant build
  • Controlled air and water flow to deliver the foam thickness you need
  • Built-in check valve prevents compressed air from entering the water line.  Increased air flow for superior cleaning
  • Rinse feature for cleaning without an additional hose
  • 890 GB comes complete with 8 metre reinforced EPDM heavy duty discharge hose and brass foam/rinse nozzle with on/off valve
  • 892 GB comes with 20 metre PVC hose
  • Stainless steel cabinet with air gauge
  • Fewer assembly parts for simplicity & ease of maintenance
  • 899 model features expanded ability for injecting two separate chemicals