Liquid level filling system that fills any reservoir with consistently mixed solution without pouring, stirring, waiting or downtime
If the solution level in a reservoir starts to drop, the HydroMinder’s float opens a non-electric, magnetic valve. Water flow siphons liquid concentrate into the water stream and automatically maintains the level of ready-to-use solution. Once the tank reaches a preset fill level, the system switches off automatically. There are also HydroMinder models for maintaining a tank of plain water.
This mechanism has been used effectively for over 20 years and are now the industry standard for liquid level maintenance.
It is commonly used to keep the level of ready to use solutions in tall tanks for car washes or small scrubber dryers, among other uses.
Features & Benefits
  • Automatic mixing
  • Ideal for use across numerous applications
  • Water powered, no electricity required
  • Built with high quality, chemical resistant materials
  • Economical in performance, easy to operate and maintain
  • Improved employee safety by eliminating exposure to concentrated products
  • Environmentally friendly as using concentrates reduces solid waste