How to choose which model?
Hydro Systems offers a whole selection of products for every application. Before purchasing a proportional pump please collect information on your installation and requirements the proportional pump should meet
Hydro Systems recommends the use of a dispenser having the maximum of 120% of the expected rate (1.2x L / min). For example, if the maximum expected flow  is 100 liters per minute by selecting the appropriate model proportional pump with flow 120L / min or more, will prevent any malfunction of the pump in the event of unexpected jump in water flow and pressure. Model with a higher maximum flow will not have to work at full load, which will give many years of use
We recommend the purchase of injector Hydro Systems holding 120% of the expected parameters of the maximum pressure in the installation. While maintaining an adequate margin of safety will prevent unwanted damage. Please be also aware that additional to selecting injector that is within your paremeters, additional safety measures need to be taken in order to prevent damage of the pump. Such as, water hammer prevention and correct method of opening and closing water flow.
For optimal use, please choose a injector in which the range of the target proportioning will be located in the upper 75% range of adjustment. If the model ranges from at least 1: 100 up to 1:20 (1% to 5%) are the top 75% of the adjustment range is between 1:80 and 1:20
Hydro volumetric injectors are designed to handle a wide range of chemicals (aggressive, high viscosity, dissolved powders). If you have concerns about a specific chemistry we can recommend the best model. If preferred, Hydro Systems will test your chemical with our system at no cost; simply provide us the chemical in question.
After collecting the basic information regarding the parameters in which the dispenser is to meet, Details of the models we offer on our page  PROPORTIONAL PUMPS